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Gojira Brings the Chaos and the Order

I was excited when I finally saw an opportunity to catch Gojira live.  I expected a high energy performance.  I didn’t expect some of what ensued later in the show.

Gojira’s music is best described as primordial on the verge of creation.  Everything from from soft vocals (though at times too soft) to building up to frantic blast beats synthesized to bring one to the edge and back constantly.  The musical dissonance shared with frantic drumming and at times haunting, distorted harmonies adds a nuiance and energy that leads one into chaos.  This chaos, however, is the kind where rather than fear it one embraces it and joins the frenzy.  
I made the horrible mistake of wandering too far into the mosh pit and suffered the consequences.  The high energy in the songs reflected in the intense moshing and body surfing that ensued and calmed when the music calmed.  At one point I’m pretty sure the mosh pit extended the entire section before the stairs.  I’m sure the band was aware of this, as everything fit so perfectly in their performance from visual effects timed just right to convincing nearly the entire audience to put their phones away and join the chanting.  I consider that a huge feat in today’s electronic times, and it enhanced the experience.  In spite of it being chaotic it brought everyone together to each other and to the music.

Gojira puts on a show equally intense as their music.  They know how to work their audience and bring them together to take the music to another level.

Technique- 3.9


Audience Interaction-3

Brownie Points-0



Check Out This Artist: Divinations

I confess I pretty much wander the Internet and find artists who will put up with me for a few minutes to poke and prod for this section.  One such band is Divinations.

Divinations is a melodic thrash (self described as “melo-thrash”) who haven’t released many songs as of this post. Their style consists, according to member CJ Constantino of heavy doses of  a combination of major and minor scales, lots of arpeggios,  and a hint of blues.  I found the band’s use of dissonance interesting along with some riffs that seem like a throwback to 80’s metal and with build ups reminiscent of 90’s metal.  This makes sense as Constantino also cites the band’s influences are various and include: Children of Bodom; Norther; Imperanon; and Soilwork.

These guys formed in 2012 and have an EP due to release in March 2013.  Go ahead and check out their sites and listen for yourself.