Review: Geiger von Müeller – REAL GREAT ESCAPE

It’s not often I look at singles in my blog, but when I saw that Xqui remixed the song I thought I’d give it a listen.

If you’re a secret fan you’ll remember I’ve reviewed a collab with Xqui and another artist. While I suspect I’ve reviewed von Müeller in the past as well I’m not for certain. According to his site he’s a seasoned musician out of London and that’s all I could really find. What he seeks to accomplish in this single is a further exploration of a song that can be found on his album RUBY RED RUN! and the results are interesting.

The radio track is a three and a half minute blend of acoustic guitar and a song that seams to meander around, occasionally adding a twang or a slide guitar. This freestyle adds a lighthearted tone to the song and allows it freedom to explore the space. It gives the song a Country Western rock vibe that one could listen to while driving down the highway when one wishes to feel as if they’re roaming free.

The Xqui remix, on the other hand, feels like a surrealistic and disturbing song. The backtracking effect on this simple jam adds an unsettling sense to what is otherwise a warm and playful song. Add in echo effects that grow as the song continues and it leads to an uncertainty within the space that leaves the listener uncertain what’s in store. Where the original mix allowed the space to be and let the sound meander, Xqui’s remix fills the space with a combination of echo and clean mixes that emphasize the sense one is exploring someplace dark and dangerously alluring. If the original track is a song to listen to while going down the highway then Xqui’s remix is one to play when it’s late at night and you’ve ended up at a strange gas station in an eerie small town.

I may have to explore the full album at a later date, especially if I can expect experimental approaches as ones in this single.

3.4 / 4

Geiger von Müeller’s single REAL GREAT ESCAPE is out now and can be found on bandcamp. You can find more about him on his Facebook, Instagram, and his website.

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