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The Sluts: 8/16/13 at the Replay Lounge

Instead of the digest format I was using (it took too long for me to type up reviews) I decided to go to individual reviews. These duo formed in 2011, but their sound fooled me into believing they were a bit older (I live under a rock, OK?) based on how much they drew from grunge. Nonetheless their performance entices the audience without compromising. Here’s some of the stuff I noticed.

These guys keep it basic in time signature, but offer a lot of interesting stuff to make up for it. The combination of enjoyable rhythms and varied textures adds yet preserves their overall raw feeling. This is apparent from the songs earlier in their set and comes into full force by the end. Blending the elements of results in something catchy yet remains true to the genres from which they pull. There were times, though, the grunge elements proved troublesome. Earlier on in the set I couldn’t tell if the vocals were purposefully off key or if something else influenced it. Since it happened fairly often I’m going to assume it was a stylistic choice since there was a song near the end of the set that also had a similar dissonance.

I’m very mixed about this band’s energy onstage. It was a bit pent up at times, but the Replay’s indoor stage is small and doesn’t allow for much movement. I’m willing to be forgiving in that respect. Even with limited space the guitarist was able to inject humor with some silly motions. Since I feel they’re capable of working with a small space to some degree I wish there was more they could have done on stage. It doesn’t matter, though, as with all things I write. The audience didn’t seem bothered with their lack of motion as I was.

The audience seemed to love these guys. At one point just about everyone was out on the floor dancing. One thing this band does well is handle their audience when they get worked up. With a band name like The Sluts, of course folks used that as heckling fodder. The drunken members even shouted a request for “Freebird”. I’ll just assume there was too much liquor and not enough creative braincells at work with that part of the audience. Luckily, The Sluts didn’t dignify it too much with a response, even though I felt the Bill Hick’s response to the same heckling would be justified.

The Sluts put on a show and leaves their audience asking for more. This duo pulls everything together with sincerity and raw musicality. This doesn’t mean they neglect to add a bit of humor. Goofiness is part of the lyrical content as well as the act. With that out of the way here is my rating:

Technique: 3

Presentation: 2.5

Audience: 3

Brownie: 0

Total: 8.5