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Beaded Hall: 8/16/13 at the Replay Lounge

Beaded Hall, the project for Andrew Fredrick, started off the night. While most likely known for his work with OILS Mr. Fredrick also likes to perform his solo project, which has some local notoriety as well. This one-man act provides a blend of indie, ambient, and experimental music.

If given the chance one can get lost in the soothing, jazzy ambiance mostly dominant in the music. At times the only thing to break the trance in which I got lost was the either the singing or the end of the song. Sometimes the songs weren’t fully developed as I thought they could be, and this disappointed me at times.

The biggest issue I noted was the use of a falsetto. Sometimes it was off-key and I couldn’t tell if this purposefully so. If so, working on it is a mute point. If not, some vocal exercises are in order (like the siren exercises) in order to learn how to fully use it. Not all of the off-key issues can be attributed to a falsetto. Sometimes Mr. Fredrick let his voice collapse, I tendency I have and recognize the sound all too well. Some breathing exercises and being mindful of this tendency is all I can recommend.

I really enjoyed how the personality came through in the act as well as the music. The audience got to see a quirky, goofy guy who happened to like quirky music. One major issue I had with the performance was how the transition from a bandmate to solo act didn’t go smoothly. I didn’t know his set started until well into the second song (or I’m assuming is the second song). Being unimposing goes well for a band, but not all too well for a solo work. It shows that maybe Beaded Hall is a little green in that respect. It can be deceivingly easy to own the stage when it’s small like one at the Replay with calming music. However the intimacy of this venue actually makes it harder to fill the space and keep the audience’s attention with this type of music.

The audience reacted to his unimposing stage presence by not paying attention for the most part. They mostly payed attention when Beaded Hall got into less ambient music and more into his experimental and indie rock elements. Otherwise they were focused on other things. It didn’t help there was a DJ to compete with for attention on the patio, though luckily this didn’t disrupt Beaded Hall’s performance.

There are some things Beaded Hall needs to work on and most have to do with vocal technique and not being so shy. Despite these issues I see a great solo act that has some greater performances in the future.

Technique: 2.5

Performance: 1

Audience Interaction: 1

Brownie Points:0.5

Total: 5



Check Out This Artist: Imilia

I got pretty tired of my blog as a more vacuous space than normal so I sent out a tweet asking for bands to plug. While I didn’t expect to get any response I got one and fast.

Imilia answered my cry for bands to plug.  Based in Miami this trio blends rock, electronic, and rockstep.  I’m not really sure what all rockstep entails, but the name alone gives me some clues.  Other than a blend of unlikely genres these guys have some goodies to offer a listener.

Overall, there’s a bit going on.  There’s the use of chord dissonance  which enhances the dark tones of the pieces.  While the lyrics are a bit angsty for my tastes the way they use it to set the tone and compliment chord progressions is interesting.  This is usually where I noticed the elements of dubstep the most.

They have an official website, in addition to a facebook and soundcloud account where you can check them out.  Their latest single “Mendacity” can be found on their soundcloud page.