Check Out This Artist: Divinations

I confess I pretty much wander the Internet and find artists who will put up with me for a few minutes to poke and prod for this section.  One such band is Divinations.

Divinations is a melodic thrash (self described as “melo-thrash”) who haven’t released many songs as of this post. Their style consists, according to member CJ Constantino of heavy doses of  a combination of major and minor scales, lots of arpeggios,  and a hint of blues.  I found the band’s use of dissonance interesting along with some riffs that seem like a throwback to 80’s metal and with build ups reminiscent of 90’s metal.  This makes sense as Constantino also cites the band’s influences are various and include: Children of Bodom; Norther; Imperanon; and Soilwork.

These guys formed in 2012 and have an EP due to release in March 2013.  Go ahead and check out their sites and listen for yourself.


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