Yeah, About My Blog…

In case you haven’t noticed (if you haven’t, thanks for joining us) my blog is very, um, sparse of reviews.  I have a string of excuses, but I’ll spare them since they’re really annoying.  It all culminates into one reason, anyway.  I’ve put too many projects on my table and I haven’t had the time and the resources to devote to this one.  Not that it matters anyway since my audience consists of crickets and tumbleweeds, and the tumbleweeds are blowing away…

I’m trying to remedy it so I can at least feel comfortable about it.  I’m adding other sections to my blog, such as spotlighting musicians.  If you have any suggestions feel free to tell me.  I’ll be happy to manage something with it.  In the meantime my little project here is going to be quiet until I get more resources to put into it.

Yeah, not exactly the outcome I’d like right now.  I just ask if anyone still reads this stuff to be a little patient.


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