Check Out This Artist: Watermint

In order to revive my woefully neglected blog (there’s an explanation forthcoming) I thought I’d shine a very dim buglight, er, spotlight on some artists.  I’m not sure how often this will happen, but it gives everyone a chance to have fun.

The first one I ran across in a chatroom who goes by Watermint.  She mostly gravitates to symphonic, horror, and, various songs inspired by soundtracks (the biggest one, she cites, as video games).  However she showed me her dubstep mix that seems to deviate from her typical genres.

Despite the deviation from her genre the rest of her mixes share one thing in common with the feature song: the light, airy feel of the songs with dark , melancholic undertones.  It creates a sense of nostaligia on one moment and darker feelings in another.  The dissonance that meshes well for this artist.

She has a lot to work with and knows how to keep it balanced.  Here are two of my favorite mixes.  I encourage you to check out more.


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