Monthly Archives: June 2012


As with all blogs it seems there’s some introductory post. As I’m obligated to write one, I figured I’d cover a few things. I picked the title for a reason; it’s Japanese for “I’m back”, specifically “I’m home”. That’s because I was a music critic before, though unless you hung out in Lawrence, Kansas you haven’t heard of me (and even then I’m pretty sure folks don’t know about me). Those who know who I am, I’m back. Those who have no clue who the hell I am (that should be most of my audience), hello to you.

So what makes me more qualified than anyone else to critique? Nothing in the vast scheme of things because my opinion is just that: an opinion. The only real difference between my opinion and others is I bothered to create an idea of how I formed my opinion and devote a whole blog to spouting it. I based my rubric off of my musical, theatrical, and dance training that I’ve nurtured since childhood–in fact I almost ended up with a BA in Dance. I’m not reviewing albums / recorded songs / etc. at this point because I’m still learning the ropes of producing. I want to get the basics down before I really dive into reviewing those.

I’m actually excited to have a blog host for reviving my endeavor. Back when I reviewed in the mid-late 2000’s there weren’t many blog hosting sites. I cobbled my own with (which led to many a scatological joke on my end) and always felt it was poor quality since I can’t code for beans. I don’t have to really worry about coding in most cases (unless I want to do something then complain about how nothing looks right) with this host. Blog sites also allow for more of what I envisioned with my site at the time: a place where there’s a forum to discuss reviews, a cohesive way to organize my music-related posts, and ways to promote the musicians I review.

So how do I review these things? Well, I only have a rubric for live performances right now. My rubric is divided into 4 categories: Technique; Presentation; Audience Interaction; and what I call “Brownie Points”, which allows me some wiggle room to adjust a score as needed. My overall scoring works on a 0-10 scale, with a maximum amount of points as follows: 4 in Technique; 3 in Presentation; 3 in Audience Interaction; and 3 for Brownie Points. I believe I originally had 1 point total for my Brownie Points category, but I’ve decided to change it.

Here I go again with reviewing music. I’m not fully sure what to expect this time, but I’m excited just the same.